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Alaska Black Bear Hunting Season

Spring (April 25 to June 10)

Fall (Aug. 25 to Sept. 20th)

Our vessel based Coastal Black Bear Hunt is by far our most popular for many reasons. First, our guide area boasts the highest concentration of black bears on earth. Hunters see an average of 30 to 60 black bears on a six day hunt. These bears are large as well as plentiful. Our average is between six feet eight inches to over seven feet. These hunts are as close to 100% success as they come. An added bonus to this amazing hunt is the fishing! Hunters have the opportunity to catch several species of fish including halibut.

Black Bear Hunt Price
Six Days $6,600 Per Hunter (plus tax)
(price is based on 2 hunters with one guide minimum)

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Brown Bear Hunt

Alaska Safari Unlimited is now excited to offer Private Land Brown Bear hunts on the Alaskan Peninsula. These hunts will be ran in conjunction with Master Guide Bud Willard in this private area. Hunters have averaged 80 percent on bears averaging nine foot over the past eight years. Some bears even breaking the ten foot mark.
Camps will be apartment type lodging in the village or remote cabins and camps. Four wheelers may be used as well. This is one of the few areas of Alaska where you will have no other competition from other hunters and will have a real chance of harvesting a trophy class Alaskan Brown Bear.
Land use fee of $3,550 included in hunt price. This is as good as it gets for coastal brown bear in Alaska. Period! One hunter counted 42 different bears on his hunt if he recognized a bear from the previous days he did not count it. Unbelievable

Brown Bear Hunt

10 day bear hunt

Hunt Dates
Even Springs May 10th to 25th
Odd Falls October 1st to 10th
October 11th to the 21st

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Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting

Fall (September 1 - 30)

A goat hunt for the Coastal Mountain Goat is a rewarding and memorable experience. South Central Alaska boasts some of the state’s highest goat concentrations, and is known to produce many trophy class mountain goats. Our way to mountain goat hunt has the advantage of hunting these highly productive areas from the warmth and safety of a secure vessel. It is extremely important to book early if you are interested in this hunt. Availability is limited and usually booked well in advance.

Mountain Goat Hunt Price with black bear
Six Days, $12,900 Per Hunter (plus tax)

Alaska Sitka Deer Hunts

Fall (November 1 - 30)

Travel to the far reaches of Kodiak Island in search
of Sitka Blacktail Deer, a variety of sea ducks, and
several color phases of red fox. These hunts are
truly a real Alaskan adventure. You will fly to the
city of Kodiak and fly to the boat via float plane.
You will be in some of the most awesome hunting
country that North America has to offer on this
unguided six day hunt. We take care of the food
and accommodations. You just focus on the hunting
and memories to last for years to come.

Sitka Black Tail Deer Hunt
Point of Outfitting: Kodiak Island,
Seven Days, $3,900 Per Hunter (plus tax)

$5,900 2 Hunters One Guide

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